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14 個免費書籍下載網站

Z-library 提供涉及廣泛主題的各種電子書,是最受歡迎的免費在線圖書館之一。但是,Z-Library 並不總是可用的。有時,它會因維護而停機或在某些國家/地區被阻止。如果 Z-Library 出現故障,您可能想知道還有什麼地方可以在線找到免費書籍。

有超過 14 種 Z-Library 替代品為免費電子書、有聲讀物等提供類似的功能和服務。最好的選擇是圖書大百科。與 Z-Library 類似的其他站點有 靜思書屋、新城書站、大本圖書下載中心 和靜流書站。



您可能考慮開一家網上商店已經有一段時間了,但很難知道從哪裡開始——特別是如果您沒有電子商務經驗。 幸運的是,今天的工具使開設線上商店比以往任何時候都更容易。


How to use Soundcloud tags

What is soundcloud

Let's cover the basics to get everyone up to speed. Soundcloud is an online website for musicians to get their music out of their heads and and share it with others. The way it works is you make a free account, called a Soundcloud profile. In essence it is a music sharing, streaming and downloading website. There are two ways to use Soundcloud. One way is to take or upload your own audio recordings and share them with the world. The second way is to look for other people's audio tracks and download or listen to them. Other people can search for your profile by name, or you can follow other people. When you follow someone, any new songs or tracks they post on Soundcloud will show up on your home feed. You can make a song private so only people with…

How to Use Twitter Analytics: 15 Simple-to-Find Stats to Help You Tweet Better

This post was originally published on October 15, 2014, and we have just updated it with the latest information and screenshots of Twitter analytics.

We're longtime Twitter fans, it's been an amazing tool for building personal brands and helping small businesses grow. Yelitsa Jean-Charlies is a good example of both, she's founder of Healthy Roots Dolls and she used Twitter to grow her brand and bring “the beauty of our diversity to the toy aisle.”

Since 2017, she's been using Twitter to build a brand rooted in authenticity and her personal story. Through Twitter, she tripled her mailing list, got new partnerships, generated organic leads, and contributed to the conversation around diversity in the toy aisle through hashtags like #RepresentationMatters.

If you’re a marketer or small business owner, you too can use Twitter to reach more…